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I keep it simple by using the tried and true basics of

sustainable and healthy fitness to drive real results.


A healthy lifestyle is an attainable commitment when you have somebody that is there to educate and support you. Whatever your goal is - it has to be accomplished through hardwork and dedication. When you add in an expert personal trainer that really cares about your results - the sky's the limit.

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Professional Training Services

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In-Studio Training

Come by our state of the art facility for a 1 on 1 training session

Cross Fit Class

Partner Training

Bring a partner or two for a personal training session

Weight Bar

In-Home Training

All the benefits of a personalized training session from the comfort of your home


Virtual Training

Log on and get fit with us from anywhere


Nutrition Counseling

Supercharge your results with guidance on proper nutrition

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Why Train With RVP?

Hear What Clients Have to Say

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Karle F.

"I've been seeing Ron for a little over a year now - I moved to Illinois in early 2019 from a previous job unloading trucks in retail full-time and hitting the gym alone on my off days, but unfortunately, it took only a few months for me to lose everything I'd gained from my 'unofficial' fitness routine (especially after quarantine hit).

Ron has helped me make leaps and bounds in my personal fitness progress since deciding to get back on track. The difference between schlupping through a haphazard workout on your own and having a scheduled, dedicated trainer who knows how to push you to your limit without the consequences of going too far and hurting yourself has made a world of change. He's smart about it, incredibly creative with his workouts (I rarely do the same routine twice), and his personalized meal plans are a great bonus - hands down, Ron is the best trainer I've ever had. His schedule is also very flexible, and he's more than willing to work out sudden changes to your work schedule or moving appointments up or down if something comes up.

Plus he's funny, but I don't recommend laughing when you're trying to wheeze your way to victory.

I always leave our sessions with a feeling of accomplishment and an inability to shampoo my hair the next day because lifting my arms is out of the question.

11/10, SEE HIM!"

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